Whale Watching in Magdalena Bay

A Guided Tour, You can Pet a Whale, and the Baby Calf.

Exclusive to Magdalena Bay, is the whale watching tours. If you visit our social media, you'll notice that this is a busy time of year, for guests, family and friends. Our respect and knowledge grows with each passing year, and we continue to be amazed with our extended family,  " The Majestic Gray Whales ". 

Magdalena Bay Expedition - March 2016

Isla Santa Margarita and Isla Magdalena protect Mag Bay from harsher Pacific winds, giving it a calm environment that encourages such rich marine life, for gray whales, which can grow to 35 tons and over 50 feet long, a safe playground for baby calves. The gray whales travel south from Alaska in the fall, arriving in Mexico to spend the winter, give birth, and mate. About a year later they return to do it again.